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Södergren Design is the naval architect for the J-Craft 40. The J-Craft 40 is a follow up of the earlier built J-Craft 38, and the new design was introduced in 2009. With a shape that leaves few unaffected the J-Craft range of boats is a benchmark for craftsmanship, finish, elegance and performance in contemporary sports powerboating. It is a completely new hull design with new technology applied. It is equipped with Volvos new IPS system and the hull is designed to meet Volvos requirements. The interiors are thoroughly planned to make the life at sea comfortable. Södergren is proud to be the naval architect of the new J-Craft 40.


Shogun Yachts
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The Shogun 50 is a competitive 50ft racer-cruiser, designed by Håkan and Oscar Södergren in 2019. Shogun 50 is a yacht with sleek, aggressive lines, built as a full carbon epoxy racer with an attitude. She is a boat that can be easily handled by a two for ordinary sailing, yet able to challenge in races fully crewed. She is build and design by Swedish expertise in modern technology, produced by the leading east coast boat builder Rosättra Boatyard. 


Her racing features includes her overall light weight of 7900 kg, which 45% is in the keel bulb - keel depth is 3,5 m (retracts to 2 m for docking). Full grip steering in high speeds with twin rudders in carbon. An extendable bow sprit to launch both codes and gennakers from. Other solutions like a large cockpit, spacious area down the stairway and a 2-cubic storage in the bow to make sail management simple.

The Shogun 50 is also comfortable for cruising. The interior layout is quite different, with two separate compartments; one active, spacious area for racing right down the companionway, and the one for rest and pleasure in the bow. The area in the middle of the boat allows for large sails, the navigation table and easy access to the head. The saloon in the bow is a contrast to a traditional interior layout and has a social U-shaped table.​



The Shogun 43 will premiere in 2021. Like the Shogun 50, the design has innovative features making it contemporary with a contrast of classic features. Built in carbon, it will be quick and fun for both racing and cruising. The Shogun 43 is designed in cooperation with Oscar Södergren.

One of many unique things for the Shogun yachts is the design process, which is more similar to the one for cars, where there is a higher focus on product design and user experience. All details, like the shape of the shearline, the look of the bow and form in the cockpit, are all designed to work in harmony with each other. All these details make the yacht more user-friendly. Still, the yacht’s weight will be kept extremely low.  Therefore, the Shogun models are on the forefront of technology and innovation in the market of performance cruisers. The interiors will have a finish of both carbon and oak with the ability to be highly customized. This is made possible due to a great partnership with Linjett Boatyard - in cooperation with Marstrom Composites, Vaxholm Komposit and North Sails.



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As every big yacht, the Rivolta 90 is designed to meet high demands from the client. The yacht is as a performance cruiser of 90ft, and in the same time be as easy to handle as a 50ft yacht. It is designed to be able to cruise in the shallow waters of Florida, that has been previously impossible for a 90ft yacht. The client also requested a dinghy garage, big enough to carry a small rib with an outboard. 

To meet all the owners’ demands, the yacht was designed in an unusual way for a boat of its size, especially in 2001 when it was built. The keel is 14 ton and retractable by hydraulics - to meet the shallow draft requirement. Lifted up, it has a minimum draft of 5.85ft (1.8m). For steering, the yacht has two short twin rudders. The rating moment is high, due to the keel retracting down for comfortable blue water cruising and long distance sailing. The Rivolta 90 is also equipped with water ballast tanks, carrying a total of 4 tons, to increase performance and comfort for up wind sailing, both for long distance and performance sailing.


Despite the focus on the sailing abilities of the yacht, her interior is in her own class and style. The owner’s interest for interior, architecture and art makes this yacht one of a kind.