"Super Maxi 100 (design 270)

”Wasa V” (design 271)

AGAPI 800 (design 273)

”Swede 68” (design 268)

"New carbon fiber racing" (design 260)


History Big boats

Designing super yachts takes a different approach than family cruisers.

Here you can see some of the most recognized powerboat designs.

History Power

Here you can see some of HYSD sailboat designs.

History Sail

Yacht Design

Designing houndreds of yachts during a period of fortyfive years gives you experience. Every yacht, every little design solution gives you valuable knowledge that you bring on to the next one, and the next one. And there’s not yet a computer software to replace just that. It also gives you a bag of ideas and thoughts. Some of them you can see on our family cruisers, racers and big yachts all over the world.

Here you can see some of what left the drawing board.

”New Classic Performance Cruiser"

 (design 268)

Ongoing Projects

Design legacy