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Designing big yachts takes a different approach than family cruisers.

The Rivolta 90 is an example of a yacht that meets the high demands of the customer Mr. Piero Rivolta. The yacht was designed to be a fast performer yacht of 90 ft and in the same time be as easy to handle as a normal 40-50 ft yacht. It should be able to cruise in the shallow water of Florida’s coastline that normally makes sailing with a 90 ft-yacht impossible.

A dinghy garage big enough to carry a small rib with engine was an absolute need. Rivolta 90 is designed for sailing. Despite the sailing character of the yacht necessity the interior is in a class that few yachts can show. The owner’s interest for interior, architecture and art makes this yacht one of a kind.

To meet all the owners’ demands in the concept, the yacht has to be designed in an unusual way for a boat of its size. To meet the shallow draft requirement a 14-ton hydraulic retractable keel was designed. It gives a minimum draft of only 5.85 ft. It is also equipped with shallow draft twin rudders. The yacht has a very high rating moment to make long distance blue water cruising comfortable, water ballast tanks are installed that can carry 4 tons of water. That makes long distance cruising up wind very comfortable and improve the performance of the yacht.


             The Swedish AC-Yacht Tre Kronor

When speaking of big well-known boats so it is hard to go past Americas Cup yachts.

Södergren Design was one of the designer reponsible for the Swedish boat "Tre Kronor".

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